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vegetal adj
1 (of reproduction) characterized by asexual processes [syn: vegetative]
2 composed of vegetation or plants; "regions rich in vegetal products"; "vegetational cover"; "the decaying vegetative layer covering a forest floor" [syn: vegetational, vegetative]

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  1. vegetable
  2. (Metaph.) Person (or other animal) with severely reduced mental capacities due to brain damage (In vegetative state)


  1. Relative to plants and vegetables
    Célula vegetal.





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Végétal is the second studio album by singer-songwriter Émilie Simon. Overall, it is her third album, the soundtrack to the French version of March of the Penguins included. The album has a floral theme running through it. All the lyrics relate to plants and there are also sounds taken from actual plants. The CD can be used in Émilie Simon's official website to access exclusive content such as bonus tracks, remixes, and a music video for "Fleur De Saison".
A special edition of the album was released in December 2006, featuring bonus tracks, remixes of "Fleur De Saison" and Opium, an exclusive short film on the making of the album and the video clip for "Fleur De Saison" on a bonus CD. So far, 5 editions of Végétal exists, each one different from each other through the inclusion of extras and bonuses.

Chart Performance

In 2006, Végétal sold a total of 77,376 copies in France. She ranked 84th overall in the year-end French sales chart. Furthermore, the album placed 34th in the year-end download chart with 2,306 full album downloads.

Track listing

  1. "Alicia"
  2. "Fleur De Saison"
  3. "Le Vieil Amant"
  4. "Sweet Blossom"
  5. "Opium"
  6. "Dame De Lotus"
  7. "Swimming"
  8. "In The Lake"
  9. "Rose Hybride De Thé"
  10. "Never Fall In Love"
  11. "Annie"
  12. "My Old Friend"
  13. "En Cendres"
Japanese Extras
  1. "Papillon"
  2. "Ferraille"
Super Jewel Box Bonus CD
  1. "Papillon"
  2. "Ferraille"
  3. "Au Lever Du Soir"
  4. "Fleur De Saison" (le Tigre remix)
  5. "Fleur De Saison" (Neimo remix)
  6. "Opium" (Tom VDH remix)
  7. "Opium" (Clocks remix)
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